2 Hour Restorative Yoga

A chance to restore, relax and rejuvenate

Stressed?  Need a really good break?  Then join us for 2 hours of Restorative yoga.  The class includes simple yoga poses, (all done on the floor) and is a great way to recharge from your busy week.  Please note that no yoga experience is needed and is open to all levels.  

If you have an injury or any other health issue, please call me to discuss.

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Are you feeling the fast pace of your life? Anxious all the time? But don't know how to stop and breathe?  Then take time out for yourself to experience the benefits of Restorative Yoga. Benefits of Restorative Yoga include:

TO REGISTER, PLEASE CALL Cell at 204 802 0279 or text.  Payment can be made by VISA or MC.

Stress Relief, lower anxiety

Release tension, stimulate self-healing

Awaken peace, lower heart rate

Alleviate depression

Improve sleep

Decreases stress hormones

Improve flexibility

The yoga class is open to everyone with all the poses done on the floor and include the use of bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets and eye

pillows. Modifications and assistance are given to students as needed.  Appropriate for those new to yoga or are dealing with injuries or health issues.


To be announced

Time: 2 - 4 p.m.

Cost: $35.00 pp

Location: BeYoga, 315 Kenny Street

2 Hour Specials are held on the 1st Sunday of the month at BeYoga,

pending space availability.

Payment for class can be made by cash or credit card, no cheques, please.

If you have any questions regarding the session, please email me at the link below.


Linda Caldwell